Strategical Distribution at GTech

In this competitive world, For those who are facing sturdy competition and increasing customer demands to those who need to boost their product or business…  All required is a distribution configuration that enables you to supply your customers in a cost-efficient way. In short – providing you distribution strategy that enables you to surpass your rivals.


Bottom of Form

You will acquire our skilled marketing staff , combining our expertise in distribution, purchasing and finance in a unique mix, help you as a customer to put together and operate a distribution strategy that offers you unique capabilities as an individual compared to your opposition.
Global Tech caters to all industry segments. Our goal is to offer products of unmatched quality and performance so that customers can achieve optimum production, efficiency and lowest operating costs. Through careful analysis of all key processes and activities connected to the company’s current distribution structure we formulate a strategy that is based in your customers’ requirements. We embody the formulated distribution strategy through a number of business cases, including action plans and activities to enable a successful implementation.


Based in Karachi, Pakistan with office in Dubai and our sturdy established link with a number of companies across borders Our mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and technical support to meet their highest expectations.
Our Company has a nation wide distribution and marketing campaigns on both web and print media , our main aim is to promote the product and approach the right buyers in need of your products.
In a matter of time we have established strong relation with a number of companies across borders and not only marketing there products but also providing them with the complete feed back on how they can maintain there quality. Offering Distributorship and Dealership for All in a vast product range. Distribution is vital element of Logistics & Supply chain management referring to the distribution of a good from one business to another. It can be factory to supplier, supplier to retailer, or retailer to end customer. It is defined as a chain of intermediaries, each passing the product down the chain to the next organization, before it finally reaches the consumer or end-user. Each of the elements in these chains will have their own specific needs, which the producer must take into account, along with those of the all-important end-user.
Offering Distributors and Dealership for vast product range. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with International quality at affordable price and reasonable margin both retail and wholesale

Strategics on Web Marketing

Global Tech pool of skilled Search Engine Optimizer are well aware of internet marketing, and are well versed with web marketing strategies, we have banked the credit of numerous web sites to market the product or gain maximum popularity of the product over the internet.

Print Media Marketing

GTech maintains its pace with the fast moving world yet we value old school techniques. Print Media still plays a vital role in product presentation, We believe that the best way to win the market is to build up the trust with our customers and make them understand, the media which we are using either its via a call center or web or even print media , one should always have the ability to make the other person understand what the product really is and in what ways can it benefit them. In short when it comes to market we do not believe in leaving any corner unattended.

Call Center Marketing

Having a well equipped international call center for both in coming outgoing calls from around the globe; we have a staff of 10 personals seated to market the product locally and globally, as per product and company demand.This is one point we should high light the most, working with Global Tech gives you the benefit in marketing your product globally and give your product and company a good name. Our employees are given proper training of the product prior to implementation of task.

Technical Team

Global Tech has a highly skilled staff to collaborate with your company and better understand your product, and yes forward the required training to all of our departments and create documentations and better simplify your product in order to make it easier for the targeted customer to understand the product.


If the product requires special handling or deployment, our deployment staff is very much capable and we can say that we have always selected experienced personals from the market. And if we feel that we acquire specialized trained people, we will hire them to suit the customer’s needs.
We can help your company improve its distribution, Not only our company have earned and maintained its reputation over the years, GTech is backed by strong investment by some of top notch industrialists and we plan and promise to maintain our standards
Once you choose GTech as your distributor, A distribution agreement will be made between a manufacturer and a supplier to distribute and/or sell items manufactured. The supplier may make a distribution agreement with separate stores selling the product that involves how goods will be merchandised or how much supplies will available to the store. A distribution agreement may also include terms regarding advertising of a product. We have different flexible plans according to your requirements.