Global Tech leads with top CCTV / IP CCTV manufacturing partners from across the globe. The pre sales team brings the best tested technology from all the world class brands. SD, MP, Panoramic, Fish Eye, PTZ and Thermal all sorts of technologies are in the product line.


Access Control nowadays has become the need of every business, SME’s and corporate office environment. The right entry / exit policy can limit employees or visitors to step into the restricted areas like top management floors and CEO offices.

Time Attendance, project recording, Manpower planning are the new tools for best resource management in developed countries.


When it comes to public security, From humans to vehicles everything needs to be scanned. Global Tech provides a large range of metal detectors: hand held, gate scanners, mail scanners, luggage scanners and all of its kinds by top international manufacturers.


CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Intruder alarm, are made by different manufacturers, in valued projects, the solution is designed on the bases of integrated functions.
This makes the security system most effective and smarter to be managed. For example, on Motion detection through a sensor, a PTZ camera can automatically move to a certain direction, zoom to the highlighted area and hit intruder alarm. On fire detection, all the floor doors can be automatically opened.


Wireless Solution provides rapid and stable connectivity till many kilometers. This helps to avoid lengthy job of digging, trenching laying cables in any infrastructures. Global Tech provides Radio, point to point and point to multi-point networks with higher data transfer streams.


Establishing IT infrastructure is the back bone of Global Tech pack solutions.
• LAN (Local Area Network)
• Optical Fiber Connectivity (LAN/WAN) to meet the
networking needs of your business.
• Also IT Networks Design, Lying, Installations, Connectivity, Testing, Commissioning.


To manage, troubleshoot and maintain any sort of security systems, Global Tech provide valued and timely services to all the level of businesses and premises. A dedicated support center provides the timely committed services for the desired solutions. This helps organization to avoid a major cost of system update every year.