VC-127EP OSD Camera

Along with very high resolution video (480 TV-lines or greater), and a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens that can be adjusted using external controls, this CCTV camera contains a number of innovative features.

Installers will appreciate the new "PrePro" feature. PrePro means we’ve pre-programmed the OSD (on-screen display menu) so it will create a great picture in the widest possible settings. This can save installers a lot of time when setting up multiple cameras. Sometimes only a small change is required to make the image perfect. If the installer, or user, later mis-adjusts the camera it can be returned to the same working PrePro state by resetting it (using the OSD menu reset option).

Users will appreciate the super clear, super sharp 700-line resolution and superior color reproduction provided by the Sony EXview video sensor and Effio video processor chipset. This chipset gives the user dozens of features. If their surveillance environment requires it they can enter the camera’s OSD menu and  make changes as necessary. Among the many options that can be manipulated through the OSD menu are the following:

  • Complete control of AWB, BLC, AGC and AES
  • High light masking control
  • Day/Night control
  • Advanced privacy masking that uses color coding, transparency levels and mosaicing
  • Dynamic noise control
  • Adaptive tone reproduction – a feature of the Sony Effio video processor
  • Much more.

Other features that make this camera a perfect partner in any surveillance network include power supply tolerance (input is 12VDC but the camera can handle up to 20VDC transient conditions without damage), a hardened metal case with a cable-feed-through bracket (vandal resistance), an automatic infrared subsystem).