WG-8406 Z, this is walk through metal detector which uses advanced magnetic technology to accurately to pinpoint the location, size and number of concealed weapons, such as, knives and guns, personal artifacts (keys. Coins, belt buckles will not set off the alarms), the walk through metal detector is a true multiple zone metal detector with new advanced features, it offers superior performance for demanding high security applications.
Reason to choose WG-8406 Z through metal detector

  1. Deters crime
  2. Improve traffic flow
  3. Reduces the number of required searches
  4. Reduces the workload of the security personnel
  5. Reduces false alarm
  6. Increase building safety with minimal
  7. Durable material adoption
  8. The walk through metal detector can be used in the factory, prison, court, exhibition hall, stadium and entertainment lieu where the prohibited article need to be checked for safety.

Function and character

  1. The door is steady, robust and long service life, easy to be conveyed, mounted and dismounted.
  2. Easy assembly, the modular design allows for a quick and simple assembly. Only 8 screws are required for.
  3. Overheard Control Unit: LED display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs and control touchpad’s plus all wiring, connections and electronics are integrated into the overhead compartment.
  4. Accurate location: 6 independent distributing search coverage, acousto-optic alarm when target is found, panel indicator light directly display alarming area which can exactly indicate the target.
  5. Pinpoint detection with LED lighters on the entrance side of each gatepost
  6. High adjustable sensitivity
    GT series digital scanner gate is adjustable, in the high-test volume, articles as small as paper clip can be detected.
  7. 100sensitivity level adjustable flexibility, we can reach the security requirement by adjustable flexibility, there are 100 flexibility0degree in each detective area.
  8. Complex circuit, infrared installation, computer automatic identification decrease the mistakes and missing dramatically, it can automatically show the alarm frequency and numbers of passed people.
  9. Password protection setting: You can change the system, flexibility and other settings after typing in the password correctly and authorized person allow changing the setting but cannot the settings.
  10. Adoption of weak magnetic field launching technology will not cause harm to heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant woman, dishes and videos.
  11. Network connection, RS485port can connect Max32 units gates, it easy to control and adjust the progress.
  12. Two or more gates can work simultaneously