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4 Main menu

4.1 Main menu navigation


Main menu Sub menu Function
Recording Setup Set the recording configuration, recording type, recording time section
Playback Set recording look-up, recording play, video file storage
Backup Detect or format backup equipment, back the selective files
Alarm Motion 


Set motion detect alarm channel, sensitivity, area, linkage parameters:
defending time section, alarm output, screen hint, recording, PTZ, patrol


Set camera mask alarm channel, sensitivity, linkage parameters: defending
time section, alarm output, screen hint, recording, PTZ, patrol


Set video loss alarm channel, linkage parameters: defending time section,
alarm output, screen hint, recording, PTZ, patrol


Set alarm input channel, equipment type, linkage parameters: defending
time section, alarm output, screen hint, recording, PTZ, patrol
Alarm output Set alarm mode: configuration, manual, shut down




Set system time, data format, language, hard disk full time operation,
machine number, video format, output mode, summertime, stay time


Set main (assistant) coding parameter: code mode, resolving ability, frame
rate, code stream control, image quality type, code stream value, frame
between value, video/audio enable


Set basic network parameters, DHCP and DNS parameters, network high speed
Network service PPPOE?NTP?Email?IP purview?DDNS parameter
Output mode Set channel name, preview hint icon state, transparency, cover area, time
title, channel time fold


Set channel, PTZ protocol, address, baud rate, date bit, stop bit, check
Serial port 


Set serial port function, baud rate, date bit, stop bit, check


Set patrol mode and interval time


Hard disk management Set appointed hard disk as read-write disc, read-only disc or redundant
disc, clear data, resume date and so on


Modify user, team or password. Add user or team. Delete user or team.
Online user Break the connection with the already login user. Lock the account after
break until booting up again.
TV adjust Adjust TV upside, downside, nearside, starboard distance


Set automatic reboot system and automatic deleting files.
Resume default Resume setup state: common setup, code setup, recording setup, alarm setup,
network setup, network service, preview playback, serial port setup, user


Hard disk information Display hard disk capability and recording time
Code stream 


Display code stream information
Log information Clear all log information according to the log video and time
Edition information Display edition information
Shut down Logout, shut down or reboot

4.2 Recording function

4.2.1 Recording Config

Set the recording parameters in the surveillance channel. The system is set 24 hours consecutive recording in the first startup. You can enter

[main menu]> [recording function]> [recording setup] to set.

Note: There is at least one read-write hard disk. Refer to chapter 4.5.1)









Picture 4.1 recording setup

【channel】Choose the corresponding channel number to set the channel. Choose the all option to set the entire channels.

【redundancy】Choose the redundancy function option to implement the file double backup function. Double backup is writing the video files in two hard disks. When you do the double backup, make sure that there are two hard disks installed. One is read-write disk and the other is redundant disk. (Refer to 4.5.1)

【length】Set the time length of each video file. 60minutes is default value.

【prerecording】Record 1-30 seconds before the action. (The code stream decides Time length)

【recording control】Set video state: Configuration, all or stop.

Configuration Record according to the set video type (common, detection and alarm) and time section.

All Click the all button and the according channel is recording no matter the channel in

any state.

stop: Click the stop button and the according channel stops recording no matter the

channel in any state.

【time section】Set the time section of common recording, The recording will start only in the set range.

【recording type】Set recording type: Regular, detection or alarm.

Regular:Perform the regular recording in the set time section. The video file type is “R”. DetectionTrigger the “motion detect”, “camera mask” or “video loss” signal. When above alarm is set as opening recording, the   “Detection recording” state is on. The video file type is “M”.

Alarm Trigger the external alarm signal in the set time section. When above alarm is set as opening recording, the “detection recording” state is on. The video file type is “A”.

Note: Refer to chapter 4.3 to set corresponding alarm function.

4.2.2 Video playback

Refer to chapter 3.5.2.

4.2.3 Video backup

You can backup the video files to external storage through setup.


NoteThe storage must be installed before the file backup. If the backup is terminated, the already backup can playback individually.

【detect】Detect the storage connected with the DVR such as hard disk or    universal disk.

【erase】Choose the file to delete and click erasure to delete the file.

【stop】Stop the backup.

【backup】Click backup button and the dialog box is popped up. You can choose the backup file according to the type, channel and time.

removeClear the file information.

addShow the file information satisfying the set file attributes.

start/pauseClick the play button to start the backup and click the pause button to stop the backup.

cancel:During backup you can exit the page layout to carry out other functions.

4.3 Alarm Function

Alarm functions include: motion detect, camera mask, video loss, alarm input and alarm output.

4.3.1 Motion Detect

When system detects the motion signal that reaches the set sensitivity, the Motion detect alarm is on and the linkage function is turned on.

channel numberChoose the set motion detect channel.

enable■ means that the motion detect function is on.

sensitivityChoose in the six options according to the sensitivity.

areaClick setup and enter the set area. The area is divided into PAL22X18. Green block means the current cursor area. Yellow block means the dynamic detect defensive area. Black block means the unfenced area. You can set the area as followed, Drag the mouse and draw the area.

time section

Trigger the motion detect signal in the set time section. You can set

according to week or set uniformly. Each day is divided into four time sections.■ means the set valid.


intervalOnly one alarm signal is turned on even there are several motion detect signals in the set interval.

alarm outputStart the external equipment of corresponding linkage alarm when the motion detects alarm is turned on.

delayDelay a few moments and stop when the alarm state is turned off. The range is 10~300 seconds.

recording channelChoose the recording channel (multiple option supportive). Trigger the video signal when the alarm is turned on.

NoteSet in the [recording setup] and perform the linkage recording. Start detecting video files in the corresponding time section.


alternate patrol■ means that the selective channel is single window alternate patrol preview. The interval is set in the [system

setup] > [alternate patrol].

PTZ linkageSet the PTZ linkage when the alarm is turned on.

NotePTZ linkage is set in the [shortcut menu] >[ PTZ control]. Set the patrol between spots, trail patrol and so on.

screen hintPop the alarm information dialog box in the local host computer screen.

EMAIL■ means sending an email to user when the alarm is turned on. NoteSet in the [network service] and send an email.


4.3.2 Video Blind

When the environment such as bad brightness or reaching the set sensitive parameter influences the video image, the camera mask function is turned on and the linkage function is turned on.

Set method: refer to chapter 4.3.1.


4.3.3 Video Loss

When the equipment cannot obtain the channel video signal, the video loss alarm is turned on and the linkage function is turned on. Set method: refer to chapter 4.3.1.


4.3.4 Alarm input

When the equipment obtains the external alarm signal, the alarm function Is turned on.

Set method: refer to chapter 4.3.1.


4.4 System setup

Set the system parameters such as general setup, code setup, network setup, network service, output mode, PTZ control,

serial port setup and alternate patrol setup.



4.4.1 General setup

system timeSet the system data and time.

data formatChoose the data format: YMD, MDY, DMY.

list separatorChoose list separator of the data format.

time formatChoose time format: 24-hour or 12-hour.

languageEnglish or Chinese.

hard disk fullChoose stop: Stop recording when the hard disk is full. Choose cover:

Cover the earliest rending files and continue recording when the hard

disk is full. numberOnly when the address button in the remote controller and the corresponding DVR number is matched, the remote operation is valid.

video formatPAL or NTSC.

latency timeSet the latency time in 0-60. 0 means no latency time.

summer timeChoose the summer time option and pop the dialog box as followed.

4.4.2 Encode setup

Set the video/audio code parameter: video file, network surveillance

and so on. channelChoose the channel number.

code formatStandard H.264.

resolutionResolution type: CIF / QCIF.

frame rateP1 frame/s~25 frame/s.

code stream controlYou can choose limited code stream or variable code stream. When you choose the variable code stream there are six image quality options.

code stream valueSet the code stream value to modify the image

quality. The Larger code stream value the better image quality.Reference range: CIF (384~1500kbps), QCIF(64~512kbps)

video/audioWhen the icons are all in reverse displayed, the video file is video and audio multiplex stream.

coding of combinationturn on coding combination. It can achieve multi-channel recording and remote real-time monitoring with

When system detects the motion signal that reaches the set sensitivity


Resolution Bit Rate (kb/s)
D1 1000-1500
HD1 728-1000
CIF 400-600
QCIF 192-328


network cardYou can choose cable network card or wireless network card.

DHCP EnableObtain IP address automatically.

NoteDHCP server is preinstalled.IP addressSet the IP address. Default:

subnet mask codeSet the subnet mask code. Default:

default gatewaySet the default gateway. Default: setupDomain Name Server. It translates the domain