• The housing is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, and all the internal parts are with anti-rust treatment, therefore, the turnstile is durable. The whole machine works stably, with low power consumption, energy conservation and environment protection.
  • At the low temperature environment, it can be installed the constant temperature system into the turnstile according to the requirement of customer.
  • Provide the control software for human-machine interface and SDK protocol freely. It can achieve batch control and debugging function conveniently, the expansibility is very strong.
  • Fine workmanship and manufacturing, no visible fasteners means a better looking turnstile and a better looking installation. Round corner, avoid injuring users
  • Business building
  • Commercial service occasions
  • Education office
  • Leisure occasions
  • Transport stations
  • Emergency-escape function: the obstacles will open automatically when power is off. It meet fire safety requirements. On Power, semi auto tripod turnstile should lift the arm by hands
  • Can be compatible with a variety of systems according to customer request: Ticketing system, ESD System, Construction site system and finger print, bar code, cards, etc access control system.
  • Access directions can be set as controlled mode or free mode
  • Self-recovery function: the machine will recovery automatically with invalid counting if passage is not completed within preset time (5 seconds default, adjustable by software).
Power Supply AC220 / 110 ±10% V / 50 ± 10%Hz
Driving Part Tripod Turnstile: magnet
Operation Voltage DC 24V
Rated Power 50w
Communication Interface RS485
Input Interface +12V electrical signal or impulse signal with width more than 100ms, drive current >10mA
Warranty 1 year
Operation Temperature -15℃ ~ 60℃
Working Environment Indoor / outdoor
Operation times =3 million times
Humidity Temperature 0 ~ 95% (non-condensation)